Formerly known as BAKKBONE Florist Companion. Provides a suite of features designed specifically for floristry websites, with the ability to customise to suit your country/region:


  • Receive your Petals Network orders through your WooCommerce dashboard
  • Send Petals orders from your website dashboard
  • Accept/reject orders directly from WooCommerce without needing to log into the Petals Exchange
  • Send and receive messages to/from Petals about an order

Why? You can view/print your orders all in one place, and in one consistent format!


  • PDF Invoices attached to customer-facing emails and in their online account
  • PDF Worksheets, printable in an easy-to-use format for your workroom, attached to order notification emails
  • Access invoices and worksheets from your orders list or the order’s individual page
  • Customise store details display on invoices and optionally add a message at the bottom


  • Force display of delivery address fields and gets rid of the “Ship to a different address?” question at checkout
  • Add “Delivery Notes” field for notes about delivery address
  • Add “Recipient Phone” field as a required field
  • Delivery address not requested at checkout if order method is pickup
  • Add “Card Message” as a required field, and limit the maximum length of a message


  • Collect delivery/collection date at checkout
  • Set which weekdays you deliver
  • Set your same-day delivery cutoff globally
  • Set separate same-day cutoffs for specific delivery methods (ie. delivery areas)
  • Manage closure days (eg. public holidays) and fully booked dates in your dashboard
  • Optionally set timeslots (eg. 9am-12pm) for customers to choose from per delivery method and per day, and optionally set a fee for a timeslot
  • Restrict delivery methods per weekday
  • Block specific delivery dates per product category (eg. certain ranges not available at Valentine’s Day, etc.)
  • Optionally set an additional fee per weekday
  • Optionally set an additional fee for specific dates
  • View all orders on a calendar, and export order list as a CSV or PDF


  • Change default display on admin orders list to “active” orders (not yet delivered, not rejected/cancelled/refunded)
  • Add “Scheduled” status and optional notification email to customer
  • Add “Prepared” status and optional notification email to customer
  • Add “Out for Delivery” status and optional notification email to customer
  • Add “Ready for Collection” status and optional notification email to customer
  • Add “Relayed” status for orders forwarded through a relay network or sent to another florist
  • Rename “Processing” to “Received”
  • Rename “Completed” to “Delivered”
  • Rename “Failed” to “Payment Unsuccessful”


  • Creates input masks for the Gravity Forms “Telephone” field for Australian phone number formats (affiliate link)
  • Re-words the descriptions of fields on WooCommerce Address Book features


  • Rename fields on frontend to match local address standards (eg. “Suburb” instead of “City”, “Postcode” instead of “Zip”)
  • Option to change heading on Cart Cross-sells section
  • Option to change the text displayed when no valid delivery method is available based on recipient address


  • Optional feature to play a sound when new orders arrive
  • Rename “shipping” to “delivery”
  • Automatically assign guest orders placed by registered customer to the matching user (so it appears in their order history when logged in)
  • Option to display product “short description” in archive listings
  • Option to disable the “Order Comments” freetext field at checkout
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